Carelean connotation - bestow liberally to relieve the masses with deep benefiting
Carelean connotation

he enterprise name of Carelean is transliterated from “Care Lean”, which has embodied the respect and kindheartedness of Carelean to human life as pharmaceutical enterprise by taking the meaning of “care and lean”. “With benevolence and being proficient in Confucianism and Taoism” is the basis of long-term development of pharmaceutical industry. The life of human is limited, but it can be supported with drugs. Carelean has built a pharmaceutical enterprise with dedication spirit and heart to the health of common people based on universal, benefiting mankind for people and absolute sincerity to benefit the people by blending the benevolence and charity of Buddhism and kindheartedness and manner of Confucianism into enterprise connotation.
Developing small drug is just like managing a big enterprise. Carelean innovates the research and development, improves the mechanism and promotes the business to accelerate the sustainable sound development of the enterprise for glorious future by taking the life care of the human as the benchmarking of wind direction to manage the enterprise and insisting on the reformation of cultural concept.

Paraphrase of the logo

The overall Logo of Carelean is composed of graphics and text, which has extremely strong identification and affinity with colorful graphics and solemn text.
1. “When the sun shines, everything is alive.” The sun is the most selfless and liveliest symbol in the nature. The medical knowledge shall be perfected as taking the kindheartedness as manner. Carelean has embodied the spirit of “benefiting mankind” and “kindheartedness” of Carelean and represented the extraordinary strength and glorious development in the future as well by bringing the sunshine artistry into the design of Logo.
2. The overall pattern presents the posture of blooming, which accepts the essence of everything as the right way in blooming to develop the endless ability, therefore the Logo not only emphasizes the gathering and blending in design, but also embodies the profound moral of “blooming” to show that Carelean cares the health of the common people by broad an profound mind and stand for the prospect of “health careers and permanent development” of the enterprise. Meanwhile, the form echoes each other with the initial “C” of “Care Lean”, which has increased the identification and uniqueness of the Logo and even more embodied the pioneering spirit of the enterprise to act on international convention.
3. The color of the Logo is taken from the rainbow to transmit the energy and vigor of Carelean Pharmaceutical. Rainbow is the symbol of warmth and hope, in which the seven colors aggregates as sunshine. Light of innovation, light of lean, light of care, light of aggressiveness, light of benefiting mankind, light of serving people and light of blessedness converge together to become a warm and healthy light to shine on the earth for caring for the health of every one.

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