Tianjin Minxiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Minxiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008 and the group invested to build a new production base in the Pharmaceutical Industrial Park of Tianjin Jinghai Economic Development Zone in strict accordance with the GMP standard in 2010 with the land area of 70000 square meters.

The company is the leading enterprise for the intermediate of featured raw materials and crude drug industry, especially the antiviral and hypoglycemic pharmaceutical fields, in addition, the company owns the mating production line of admantane product with the maximum annual yield in the world.

The main products contain admantane, bromoadamantane, amantadine, amantadine hydrochloride, rimantadine hydrochloride, timolol maleate, etc. In addition, it will extend the production line of amantadine hydrochloride product with the annual yield of 1000 tons in the second phase, production line of amino-3-adamantanol and Vildagliptin series of hypoglycemic crude drug with the annual yield of 100 tons, etc. Tianjin Minxiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the current largest intermediate of admantane series and crude drug supplier in the country.

Quality Management System

The company owns independent quality assurance system. The quality management system of the company has QC and QA under the leading of direct subordinate to GM, which performs the functions of quality inspection, quality supervision and quality management respectively.

QC is responsible for monitoring the raw materials used in the production of the company, finish product, intermediate, inspection of process water and environment conditions. QA is responsible for establishing and perfecting the quality supervision system of the company, which has set up full-time QA personnel to conduct supervision on the overall process of supplier evaluation to materials, procurement of raw materials, warehouse entry inspection, production process, final inspection, sales, customer feedback, customer audit, etc., regulated and perfected all the quality management systems; managed the whole quality system of the company by the on-site patrol inspection, regular inspection, regular quality report and other means with production department at the same time and organized the updating training of GMP knowledge regularly to improve the quality philosophy of the staff. The company started to implement ISO9000 quality management system and passed the authentication of ISO9000 quality system in 2010. The company started to carry out GMP management in 2014, meanwhile, implemented and passed the authentications of ISO009001 international quality system, OHSAS18001 health and safety management system and ISO14001 international environmental protection system combined with the requirements of the new version of GMP in 2010.

The company has accepted more than 50 on-site audit works of customers at home and abroad for a short few years, which has met the requirements of the audit of customers, such as Germany, America, Spanish and other foreign customers.

The company builds modern warehouse logistics center combined with the new version of GMP standard, including packing raw materials warehouse, finished products warehouse, raw materials warehouse, intermediate warehouse, hardware warehouse, etc. Meanwhile, the ERP materials management system conducts overall real-time monitoring to the materials of all steps of production and operation.

EHS Management System

The company has complete safety and environmental protection system. In the whole process of production and business activities, according to the requirements of the safety, environmental protection laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, the company’s safety management of the whole production process strictly comply with the "Hein Law" to standardize the environment and occupational health and safety management, comprehensively implement pollution prevention, reduce pollution and increase efficiency, effective control of risk, reduce the accidents, and promote the healthy development of enterprises. Since 2010the company began to plan to establish EHS management system and in 2014 the company full implemented OHSAS18001 health and safety management system and ISO14001 international environmental protection system certification in accordance with international standards, and obtained the three certifications of quality, safety and environmental protection system. And this marks the company's quality and EHS system on the right track.

"Beautify the environment, pay attention to environmental protection" is company’s responsibility, and "environmental protection and harmonious development" is company’s concept of environmental protection. The company plans to invest more than 2000 million Yuan in two phases and expects to completed construction of the international advanced level of biological denitrification and PW membrane separation activated sludge wastewater treatment systems, the exhaust gas treatment system of lye spraying and adsorption, to ensure that the wastewater, waste gas reach the standard to discharge, and hazardous waste disposal rate reaches 100%.

Minxiang was a chemical enterprise in the first five years of establishment; in the second five years, Minxiang entered the pharmaceutical field and became a pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediate factory; now the company’s focus of the business is transforming to the brand generic pharmaceutical industry; production base distributed across region and formed specialized division of labor, research linkage, it has grown into a pharmaceutical company with multi business sectors and multi therapeutic areas; in the future Minxiang will be moving towards the strategic objective of globalization of biotechnology and pharmaceutical group. "Caring for life, being better and returning to society" is Minxiang’s mission; "be domestic first-class, international renowned, widely respected global specialty pharmaceutical company" is company’s vision. And it is beneficial to integrate the resources of drug development and production, and provide high quality products and efficient service for customers around the world. And now the company has developed into a pharmaceutical company integrating research, development, production and sales.

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