Training System

By adhering to the idea of “self-discipline and social commitment, and people-oriented code of conduct”, Carelean Group pays attention to the cultivation and development of talents to promote the continuous improvement of employees with the company by the comprehensive training courses, aiming at establishing a learning group and realizing the win-win of company and employees. Carelean Group has organized a highly effective lecturer team with Carelean code of conducts to offer the staff the company training, department training, on-the-job training and self-learning, go-out training, and many other learning opportunities combined with the development cycle of the staff. Incorporation with the sufficient training demand investigation, the training courses are rich and overall on the content setting, and in the form adopted with case discussion, role playing, listening and testing, group interaction, outdoor training and other ways to make the training courses diversified. At the same time, our company has established good partnerships with many enterprises focusing on the outdoor training, implementing the cooperation model of Come-in and Go-out, and supplying more opportunities of study and promotion constantly for the outstanding employees and management.

Courses of training system:
• New employee orientation training
• Employee promotion training
• Job qualification training
• Management training
• Other trainings

Excellent courses:
• To Win by Execution
• Formation and Shaping of Professionalism
• Self-analysis and Career Planning
• How to Forge an Outstanding Team


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