Tianjin Minxiang Medicine Sales Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2004, Tianjin Minxiang Medicine Sales Co., Ltd(The predecessor is Tianjin Taishikang Industry Trade Co., Ltd) is located in national high-tech industrial zone of Shuanggang, Tianjin, and covers an area of about 20,000 ㎡.

As an excellent subsidiary cooperation of Tianjin Minxiang Biomedical Inc., Tianjin Minxiang Medicine Sales Co., Ltd specialized in the field of active raw materials, intermediates and CMO, etc. It undertakes all marketing tasks of Minxiang group.

With the perfect quality and GSP management system, Tianjin Minxiang Medicine Sales Co., Ltd constantly supplies good quality products to external and domestic pharmaceutical market. Besides, our business is carried out smoothly and performance is rising continuously.

Main business and Product:
Adamantane series products:Represented by Amantadine HCL and 3-Amino-1-adamantanol and other series of adamantane derivatives products;
Raw materials: Represented by Fasudil HCL and Timolol maleate ,and other APIs
CMO: Biological fermentation and Customer Manufacture Organization

ianjin Minxiang Medicine Sales Co., Ltd commits itself to adhere to the long-term development outlook of“Keep kind, Stay harmony”and abide the rules of“People Oriented”. Relying on high-quality professional management team and perfect management system, it advocates actively to promote the philosophy of“management is for service”, and insists on the development strategy of“Quality&Brand”, never stops innovation, to struggle for the first-class pharmaceutical group.

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